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When listing all well-known companies offering both affordable and reliable domain registration services it is impossible to forget about such a popular registrar as Dotster. With its offices in such cities as Vancouver and Washington the company has been offering its services for a long time and earned a stable reputation and high respect among webmasters all over the World. Make sure that taking care of each individual client this Canadian domain and hosting company will always try the best to satisfy fully all your needs and requirements. So that when offering the most innovative, reliable and affordable Internet services to customers worldwide Dotster provider has succeeded significantly in the global web development industry!

Shared Vs Business Web Hosting

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Being an affordable and effective solution this type of service is considered a great solution for the owners of small and medium sized businesses. Comparing with shared web hosting solutions, where up to 600 accounts are hosted at the same server. Business web site hosting is a shared hosting as well, however the number of accounts per server is decreased up to 30-40. It is easy to conclude that such hosting can provide consumers with more powerful resources. You will have better speed, higher amounts of disc space and bandwidth as a result. In addition, business web hosting plans are equipped with the certain features which are mainly required for doing business online. The costs of dedicated server begin from $150 per month, when the rates on shared hosting services are varied between $ 2 and 10 per month. For some people it can be too expensive to order a dedicated server, but shared hosting is also not enough. So, the conclusion is simple, business web site hosting is exactly a service plan that you need. I would say that this deal is a golden middle between shared and dedicated hosting. That’s why business web hosting services are offered by almost all providers today.

What Consumers Should Know About Shared Web Hosting

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This type of web services is also known among webmasters as budget web hosting and mainly intended for small-sized online businesses. It is also considered the cheapest solution among various packages offered by hosts in a wide selection today. You should know that shared web hosting services are proposed by almost all hosting companies at the market. We would like to provide you with more detailed information on budget web hosting companies and will teach you how to select a good service package. We tell you how to avoid various mistakes when making the final decision. So, don’t neglect our tips and instructions and keep on reading!

Dream Host

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With its huge experience in delivering hosting services to the market Dream Host mainly specializes on Virtual Private Servers and dedicated hosting solutions! The company has been operating in the industry for a long time and has earned the reputation of reliable hosting company. Dream Host is well-known among webmasters and developers due to its high level hosting services, good customer and technical support and the largest trial period. Trying the best to satisfy each its customers and meet all your personal needs and requirements the company allows customers to test services far and wide and provides them with a chance to get a full refund within 97 days. Are you already tired with searching for affordable hosting services? Just let Dream Host take care of your business!


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Leaders in Web Hosting, is a strong company that has pioneered in the web hosting industry since 1997. The company started with nothing but a few web sites and less clients; and is now hosting over ten thousand web sites across more than one hundred countries around the world. provides a wide range of hosting solutions, with a great many features, well beyond the basic web account, and well surpassing the competition. leads its competitors in offering customers, for instance, multiple-domain accounts. Multiple-domain accounts allow a customer to host multiple websites from one account, great for resellers, web designers and web developers, and their clients. For years has been providing outstanding web hosting services to customers all over the world. As the customer base has grown so as our staff, skills, features, and variety; so as never to be caught behind. is consistently growing, offering a wide range of account packages for people with a variety of needs, all aimed at high quality, low cost, and pushing-the-envelope web hosting. Our ‘Data and Network Centre’, allows us to offer a great list of features and services, such as multi-tiering connectivity, an independent back-up power system, air conditioning; and fire suppression systems; to ensure greater up-time reliability to all hosted sites. Our Data Centre is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.