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Posted on January 20th, 2011 as Webmaster Tips

What is blog, how to add it on your websiteThis article is for those who would like to know what a blog is. I have to narrate about it all the time, due to my occupation. That is why I have decided to set out my ideas more or less systematic and share information on how to add a blog to website.

I do not claim that my description of the blog is unique or absolutely right. That is why I am more than happy to hear your opinions on how it is better to add blog to site and what it is in general.

Let’s start with the short answer to the question: “What a blog is?”

Blog is a public diary with comments.

Normally, you do not show your personal diary to everyone. And blog is disposed for reading. More importantly, readers may leave comments to the blog’s notes.

Each blog has its author – a human. (or authors if it is a group of people). Blog reveals its authors’ personality. This is what differs blog from a forum, which looks more like anonymous communication in a crowded place.

A blog is also a community in a sense. Since the beginning, blogs’ authors started to organize communities by means of blog rolls(the list of popular blogs) publication. Blog needs to have readers. Some of them might even know author personally. It makes blog a nice tool of communication with a wide range of friends , acquaintances and colleagues, due to its unobtrusivness and information value. It gives a chance to receive a joint feedback.

Blog is communication. Normally people communicate about stuff they are interested in or related to. This is the difference between the blog and the news monologue.

How to create a blog for your website?

Technically blog exists due to a certain software. It gives author a chance to publish articles, which may be commented by users. All this can be displayed at the website. Readers can visit blog at any time convenient for them.

There are two ways to add blog to website:

  • to buy a web hosting and to set up a blog engine;
  • to use free services.

Each way has its pros and cons. But it is much easier to create a blog by means of free services. It can be accomplished by nearly all the users.

So it is easy to create blog and fill it with content. It is enough to spend 10-30 minutes per day on your blog in order to create a big and interesting website. Blog can become a continuation of your website. You shouldn’t underestimate it.

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